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    The specialized Valenio team designs and organizes coffee sections at every event & fair related to gastronomy and catering. More specifically:

    • All about café” – ΗΟTELIA

    Since 2016, Valenio team and Valantis Lambrianidis have been organizing and curating ‘All about café’. This is the first major coffee event in northern Greece, organized as part of the hotel and professional equipment fair Hotelia, at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki.

    ‘All about café’ is dedicated to the art of creating coffee based on living unique experiences and attending specialized seminars (‘All About Café seminars’) held by the best representatives of the sector.

    • Coffee Show

    Valantis Lambrianidis was a presenter and stage manager at all the ‘Coffee Show’ exhibitions organized in Athens for two years in a row. “The Coffee Show” are exhibitions dedicated to coffee and its culture, focusing on education and training through seminars and demonstrations. Valenio team curates the stage where top baristas from all over the world are invited to conduct workshops, masterclasses and coffee tastings.

    • Athens Coffee Festival

    Our team participates in the educational program of “Athens Coffee Festival” with suggestions. “Athens Coffee Festival” includes more than 75 hours of presentations, demonstrations, specialized seminars and workshops. At the same time, Valantis Lambrianidis participates in the Panhellenic Roasting Championship organized by SCA Greece as part of the event with the role of a certified judge.

    • HORECA Coffee Events

    As part of HORECA, SCA coffee championships are organized every year, in which distinguished Greek coffee professionals compete. Our specialized team has been behind the training of some of the best champion baristas in the country in recent years.

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