Short bio

Valantis Lamprianidis began his career in the hospitality industry in 1998, when he started working as a bartender while at the same time pursuing his studies in Marketing & Business Administration. In spite of having a great interest and learning all about spirits and cocktails, it was the art of coffee-making that won his heart.

During his career at first as barista and later as head barista, Valantis received training in different European countries from various coffee specialists who were looking for ways to further evolve the art of coffee-making.Their aim was to improve upon the techniques used in their craft, in order to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

His commitment to the art of coffee-making, as well as, a passion to pass his craft on to others lead him in recent years to work as a barista trainer in a lot of Coffee Academies. In addition, Valantis organizes seminars in cities across Greece but also outside of Greece, these seminars aim at educating and help the baristi to further develop their skills.

Today Valantis is the owner of "Valenio", a company specialising in providing educational and consultancy services to individuals and professionals on all matters revolving around coffee.

He holds an SCA Coffee Diploma, works as an "Authorised SCA Trainer/Certifier" and "Coffee Consultant" in selected cafeterias/coffee shops. He’s also “Certified National Judge" for the Specialty Coffee Association national championships.


  • Coffee Education Programs
  • Individual Barista Training
  • Coffee Consulting
  • Barista Training Programs for
    Companies and Coffee Shops
  • SCA Coffee Diploma System
  • Specialty Coffee