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    Return / Cancellation Policy

    The customer has the choice of changing the purchased products at his own expense within 14 calendar days from the moment of receipt. The products they wish to return must be in perfect condition. The goods are your responsibility until they reach our warehouses, so you should ensure that they are properly packed and cannot suffer any damage in transit. In case any product is returned in unsuitable condition then it will be returned to you.

    In the event that the product delivered to you is incorrect or defective, our store undertakes to replace it. Its return will be carried out at the expense of our store. The replacement will be made after receiving the original product, in order to confirm the wrong shipment.

    Before taking any action, you should contact the online store at 231 129 1518.

    Besides the products, you must include all the documents that came with it (e.g. retail receipt, invoice and packing slip or change card).

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